1. Pitchfork's beautiful, broken cover feature →

    Lots of folks on Twitter today have been applauding this as beautiful, lovely, excellent design. I tried to view it for the first time on an iPhone, so my experience of it was broken, useless, unreadable design. Interestingly, it is redirecting me to a mobile-specific version, but that’s still unusable - zoom doesn’t work, for one thing, making it impossible to actually read.

    Look, lauding web design that doesn’t work at all on mobile as brilliant is like praising a static PDF of a gorgeously designed print page posted to the web. It worked fine when its original medium was the only way to access it. Now, it’s a shiny relic. We can all go oooh over how shiny it is (and in this case, it’s very shiny!) and how much time and effort it must have taken, but the sad fact is that it just doesn’t work properly.